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If you are looking for a blend of accounting services and corporate tax expertise, you have come to the right place!

We offer a broad range of services for entrepreneurs, executives and independent professionals.

Services you can rely on


Bookkeeping, Financial Statement preparation,


Canadian Corporate tax & personal tax returns,

​ US Corporate & personal tax returns,

CRA Income and GST Audits.


You receive one-stop shopping for all your accounting needs: monthly or quarterly using Cloud Accounting software.

Corporate Tax - Canada

Whether you are behind on your corporate taxes (one year or ten), we can help you with filing your taxes.

Corporate Tax - US

If you are doing business in the United States, we prepare both Corporate & Personal US taxes.



Tax strategies and planning, tax preparation, as well as, support for those involved with Revenue Canada audits are all part of the package of services we offer our clients. Of course, the best option is a long-term strategy that plans out tax saving across time and we strongly encourage our clients to take this approach. Working within this model, enables us to ensure that your taxes have all the right forms and that deductions are completed to optimize your return for this year and the years to come.  Not to mention are filed on time.

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Corp Tax

Controllership Services (Part-time)

What is the role of a company controller?


A Part-time Controller is responsible for:


  • Financial Statements

  • The General Ledger

  • Cost Accounting

  • Payroll

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Budgeting

  • Tax Compliance

  • Special Analyses


At smaller companies, the controller might report directly to the owner.   Our work with your business includes a commitment to provide you with a high caliber part-time accountant, for a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO.


Many small to medium-sized companies only need a controller for a few hours each week and it is therefore financially unwise to hire a controller on a full-time basis.


Albert Ritchot Chartered Professional Accountant Professional Corporation has the knowledge and experience to solve your issues.


Cloud Accounting


What are the benefits of cloud accounting?  

  • Clients can save time by automating many manual transactions, allowing them to spend time on other activities.

  • Data can be assessed regardless of location; thereby, allowing an accountant and the business owners to the see the same data live.

  • With data provided in real-time, owners can make informed decisions sooner.

  • Businesses can easily increase in scale, since more users can access the same accounting data​ simultaneously.

  • Since the software is updated in the cloud, there is no need to make use of local consultants to install, upgrade and maintain the accounting database.


If you are interested in adopting your accounting system to the cloud, Albert can assist you in that transition.  

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Albert Ritchot is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), based in Calgary, Alberta.   Specializing in: Small to Medium size Business,  Real Estate and Agribusiness.

Services include Canadian and US Personal tax preparation, as well as, Canadian Corporate Tax preparation.

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